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  A SPECIAL NOTE: For Travelers Under 21 Years of Age  

The following serves as a general guide regarding travelers under 21 years of age.  Before committing to any travel plans, be sure you check your cruise lines age policy for any restrictions. 

Many major cruise lines require that at the time of embarkation, the lead passenger assigned to the cabin must be at least 25 years of age if all other occupants are less than 21 years old.

Many major cruise lines will also allow at the time of embarkation, the lead passenger assigned to the cabin to be 21 years of age if at least one other occupant is 21 years old.

Married travelers under 21 may not be subject to these restrictions and usually must provide evidence (marriage certificate) of their marriage. 

Therefore, if you are a student deciding to travel without family, make sure you understand the age requirements for the cruise line you are sailing on.  The cruise lines aren’t kidding about enforcing their respective policies and will leave fully paid but underage passengers at the docks without a second thought.
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